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Maso Christian


A place for better life
Christian Steiner: this remarkable project was only possible thanks the help of my best friends and never ever without my wife Anita. Life is never easy and there are some situations where you feel like you have been kicked in the ass by a horse, but you discover it is Karma. August 28th 2006 was one of those days. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Bali when Christian Steiner, an Italian Osteopath, at Dreamland dived in the shallow water, action who left him with a broken neck and life on this white sandy beach. How to react in a similar situation is crucial. Some people fall into a shock frozen state, sometimes never recovering, while others push their limits and regain the strength to start a new live. Reborn as Quadriplegic, far from his former life, only one thought pushed him forward, never give up, where is a will, there is also a way.After difficult surgery and long rehab time he covet to return to Bali, even though the island has taken a part of his life. He felt that he had to face his destiny. So, with a handful of ideas, a few drawings and the help of his wife Anita and a handful of friends he started building his dream. The building of Maso Christian took only one year. The opening of the Maso Christian in 2014 proves that you    should    never    give    up because there is always a way!